The service spectrum is a tool developed by the Taproot Foundation in 2008 which gives businesses who aspire to create a pro-bono program the knowledge of what kind of programs might be the best possible fit. Aside from traditional volunteerism, a large spectrum for businesses to engage with resides under the umbrella of “Skills-based volunteering.” Pro-bono is just one method underneath this spectrum.

While skills-based volunteering encompasses volunteer activities using the skills, knowledge and talents of a volunteer to help deliver a nonprofit’s services to the community, pro-bono service leverages a volunteer’s core professional skills to provide professional expertise to organizations serving the public good. The full service spectrum encompasses nonprofit needs, types of support, and examples of common activities. All or some of these methods for service may be relevant to your business or freelance career. Understand the spectrum further below:

Screen shot 2014-10-17 at 11.29.29 PM

Now let’s explore how this all relates to your business. What is your current spectrum? What do you want to add to your current spectrum today? In two years? Five years? 25 years? Use the worksheet below to populate your vision for leveraging business for good.

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